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 ICCS Colloquy 2008
Education for Religion and Democracy of Intercultural Dialogrcultural Dialogue, Klingenthal, 14 to 17 October 2008ue, Klingenthal, 14 to 17 October 2008
Schreiner, Peter
ICCS, Comenius-Institut
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Context in the churches

  • The white paper outline and process / Peter Schreiner
  • Religions and their own dimension: Discussion among Christian INGOs / James Barnett
  • The Religious Dimension / Heid Leganger-Krogstad
  • Possibilities for Dialogue / Guido Bellati Ceccoli
  • The New NGO Groupings and the Council of Europe Notices and Projects

Churches in civil society

  • The Anglo-Saxon Dimension / Janina Ainsworth
  • Culture and Diversity within Religions / Wim Westerman

Context in the Council of Europe

  • The White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue / Ulrich Bunjes
  • The Parliamentary Assembly / Joao Ary
  • Eclats de vie / Eric Schiffer

Reacting to the white paper

  • CoGREE Statement

Supporting material

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